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Information Highway and Surveillance

Today around 10% of Indian population uses internet and this ratio is rising rapidly. The number of internet users and the number of mobile phone users in our country is third highest and second highest in the world respectively. Undoubtedly, these mediums have provided innovative ways to propagate pro-people ideas among the masses. Internet is being used extensively to raise voice against the atrocities committed by the Indian state from the North-East to Gurgaon workers' movement. Even Occupy Wall Street movement as well as the Arab Spring owed a lot to these new media. However, there is another facet of this new media revolution. There has been a directly proportional increase in surveillance of the state machinery with the advent of the new media.  The huge information highway growth can be mapped by the fact that for 7 billion people in the world 5.6 billion mobile connections are there and 2 billion internet connections are in use. Obviously, this data could be misleading bec…