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Steve Jobs: An Obituary!

"Greatest innovator of this world has died." We were bombarded by these headlines and newsflashes by the media on the next day of the death of Steve Jobs. The corporate media gave a tearful farewell to Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple inc. and founder of ‘PIXAR’. It is true that Steve Jobs was a true corporate hero. He was a media celebrity. Media celebrated everything about Steve Jobs. However, let's see how noble was this symbol of modern capitalism and how he showed his compassionate benevolence to the world! If we are not mistaken, we are talking about the same Steve Jobs who refused to accept his daughter as his child and claimed that he is impotent (just to avoid paternity, because that would have cost him millions of dollars!!). He was a champion in dog-eat-dog corporate competition, having his eyes fixed at the throat of his opponent. He showed his Weberian spirit of entrepreneurship by expelling fellow engineer Wozniak from his company and later getting expe…