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Fascist State

If you don’t belong to the religion, race or nationality of state then you have to loosen your independent identity either by changing your religion or nationality to that of state or you have to become a slave of nation with no demands; without asking for any special rights and even not hope of any special behavior.
If you are a woman then you are only servant of man and just an instrument of producing healthy children; you have no other social value.
And even you belong to the religion, race or nationality of state, but forms the economically lower stratum of society i.e. wage labourer, small peasants, lower middle class and middle class then it is your sole responsibility to serve this “Great” state. It is the religion of working masses to melt their bones and muscles by working 12 or even 14-15 hrs for the progress of this “great” nation and race without raising a single que…

Society and Concept of Reward

Man is a social organism. The language he speaks, the thoughts he expresses in it, are product of his society. The consciousness of man lies in his social organization, which differentiates him from animals. The consciousness of man is not innate but social. His behavior, ideas, arts, sciences, laws and ethics all are social products. Appreciation, honor and motivation are abstract human behavior which evolved in his social interaction with other humans. In society these are symbolized in form of rewards and these rewards in particular reflect the relations, and their development, of individuals in society. In primitive society it, reward, was symbol of regard, appraise but with evolution of human society and with invention of private property this became in definition requital, conglomerating both wealth and appreciation, and as history advanced further the private property organized under state power and the form of reward got official stamp and became award, now given to individua…