There is no royal road to science and only those who do not dread of its fatiguing climb have a chance of gaining its luminuos summits.
-Karl Marx

Nov 1, 2009

Fascist State

If you don’t belong to the religion, race or nationality of state then you have to loosen your independent identity either by changing your religion or nationality to that of state or you have to become a slave of nation with no demands; without asking for any special rights and even not hope of any special behavior.
If you are a woman then you are only servant of man and just an instrument of producing healthy children; you have no other social value.
And even you belong to the religion, race or nationality of state, but forms the economically lower stratum of society i.e. wage labourer, small peasants, lower middle class and middle class then it is your sole responsibility to serve this “Great” state. It is the religion of working masses to melt their bones and muscles by working 12 or even 14-15 hrs for the progress of this “great” nation and race without raising a single question. And to whom does this nation belong? It belongs only to capitalist class, higher middle class and other rich stratums of the society. The nation progresses only when these profiteering plunderers progress. All the luxuries and special rights are only for this class. On the other hand in the working class the world is just inverted. It doesn’t matter whatever talents, qualities people possess, they have to work just according to the place, family they are born in, or to follow the orders of leaders of their “Great” nation, religion or race. Raising questions, doing protests, showing resistance and organizing their selves, to fight for their rights is treason. Rebels are crucified.
Yes, this is a picture of a fascist state, the state that had existed in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, and On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the start of Second World War, amidst the grave problems of starvation, poverty, unemployment, malnutrition etc of majority of common people on the world level, once again these “crazy dogs bound in shackles” (Michał Kalecki) have started gaining power and are increasing their social base. Rise of many neo-Nazis, pro-nationalists, anti-immigrants parties in different countries are the example of this fascist rise. In India RSS, BJP, MNS and other self acclaimed saviours of purity of Hindu culture and nationality are the parties that long for the establishment of such fascist state.
In the present world where the hungry, homeless people, facing the exploitation and oppression to the extreme of inhuman conditions, will not give up their lives, instead they will rise and organize themselves to fight for their rights, and in fact they have already started. Sporadic revolts in many African, Asian and Latin American third world countries are just a beginning. The whole world is on the verge of unprecedented food riots and social political revolts from the common masses that are deprived of the even essential requirements of life. On the other hand, due to the crisis ridden world economy, crisis as a consequence of insatiable greed of capitalist for making profit blindly out of anything possible – the prerequisite condition for their survival in this “free” market competition, the profits of these parasites are drying. Thus they are loosening their capacity to bear the cost of “Kalyankari Rajya” and "democracy” anymore. They are now feeling the need of a destructive force able of exploiting and oppressing working masses to the limit of their life by applying strict discipline maintained by the use of terror and violence, and compressing their revolts and breaking their class unity by dividing them on the issues of religion, race, caste, etc. The antagonistic contradiction between the capital and labour has got bare, and thus, making society highly unstable. In fact these conditions were the reason for what happened in Germany and Italy after the “Great Depression” of 1930s and this is the source of rise in social base of fascists today, and will be in the coming times. But this doesn’t mean that there is no way of controlling it, in fact it only shows the way. The present condition is like a fertile soil in which diversified and rich farming of crops can be done by the hard work of conscious human hands, but without such an effort the soil will be the home of weeds.
The need of the present time is a conscious revolution in the leadership of a strong, well disciplined, and experienced revolutionary party of working classes comprised of justice-loving, sensitive & brave students and intellectuals, who are young at their heart and mind.

Society and Concept of Reward

Man is a social organism. The language he speaks, the thoughts he expresses in it, are product of his society. The consciousness of man lies in his social organization, which differentiates him from animals. The consciousness of man is not innate but social. His behavior, ideas, arts, sciences, laws and ethics all are social products. Appreciation, honor and motivation are abstract human behavior which evolved in his social interaction with other humans. In society these are symbolized in form of rewards and these rewards in particular reflect the relations, and their development, of individuals in society. In primitive society it, reward, was symbol of regard, appraise but with evolution of human society and with invention of private property this became in definition requital, conglomerating both wealth and appreciation, and as history advanced further the private property organized under state power and the form of reward got official stamp and became award, now given to individuals or group contributing in development and protection of state power. Let us try to look society through the relative frame of these particular human relations and formulate generalization to extend it to character of famous Noble prizes.
Artists, writers, world leaders, doctors, engineers, soldiers, students, scientists and various other organizations serving to maintain the dictatorship of their class, the ruling class, the class of capitalists, bankers, bureaucrats and their middle class allies, together come in domain of awards and in domain of celebrated “free competition”. This enchanting of “free competition” is a lie, an optical illusion; the reality is that capitalism is competition between greedy capitalists and those who serve them, the capitalists, and are awarded in this process. This is character of every prize, every award, whether it is Noble prize or Bharat Ratna; it has a class stamp all over it. Let us illustrate the assertion made above by example of Noble Prizes for 2009. The peace prize this year was awarded to Barack Obama for his efforts to strengthen the “international diplomacy”, peace-keeping; and why not? Being a leader of crisis ridden capitalism, America, and was still able to make people believe in the faulty system, in making them hope against history, in his efforts to maintain peace amid unemployment, starvation, amid looting by banks and corporate heads, is appreciable. The economics prize was awarded for theories in economic governance, theories which actually points on how to avoid the periodical economic crises, the old pious wish of capitalist class. The noble prize in the literature for presenting landscape of dispossessed “capitalists”, Muller was awarded for the criticism of socialist state, superseder of capitalism, which deprived exploiters from means of exploiting. The awards in science appear to be abstract in relation to human society but science only flows through the canals of capital to irrigate only those fields which result in crops of profit. The development in science is not false but its class character is such that the advances are used only in plundering of toiling mass or for directing to luxury of ruling class. On the other side of picture the exploited class of millions of workers, peasants who create everything in society gets no reward, no award for their rigorous toil throughout their life but only tears, diseases, starvation, despair which results in anger, riots, protests and anarchy when exploitation becomes unbearable. A peasant, a wage labour does not receive any reward for his 10-12 hour toil in fields, factories and construction sites; together they constitute a class of nearly 70% of population, but this population is out of domain of rewards, it is paid just what is sufficient to keep it alive and its labour. They are alienated from every kind of joy, appreciation and honor and are left with only tears and wounds, together they form the cursed portion of human society bereft of every human attribute. The competition among classes existing in society is reason for its curses. But where society is heading to? We can actually predict its projection with some certainty by knowing its laws of motion through the knowledge of history.
“Because laws, sciences, languages, arts, distribution systems, moralities and all the social relations and status connected therewith, are as it were the most generalized, the most social, the most recent, and the furthest removed from nature of all economic products, they form the superstructure or most abstract portion of history” Caudwell (Further studies in dying culture) explains. Marx discovered from analysis of history that this superstructure was subjected to continual changes; often gradual but there were periods when whole superstructure was rapidly shattered and transformed. The reason for these explosive transformations is the insulating gap existing between superstructure (theory) and basis (practice) so that practice could not continually modify theory. As a result antagonism develops and when tension becomes so terrific that the resultant explosion shatters almost every portion of the old superstructure. The antagonism reflects society’s economic production; one class directs economic production consciously and directs cream of society’s economic production into its life while on the other hand the other class is directed and exploited. This antagonism cannot but continue to develop and when exploitation reaches the boiling point of revolution the antagonism is resolved, old superstructure is overthrown and the society enters into a new era.