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Synthetic Cell and Ethics

Famous Marxist biologist J.B.S. Haldane said “There is no such great invention, from fire to flying, which has not been hailed as an insult to some god”. And the achievement by scientists of Craig Venter’s company has added qualitative insult to god’s reputation. Bourgeoisie media is furious over such insult of their hero and in anger have started defaming the experiment. They have declared it to be unethical and demand its immediate ban. But with advent of scientific and technological advance the materialist view of world has been justified and has deepened, shrinking the space for god in this material world to zero. This experiment also justifies the materialist conception that life is a quality of organic matter that arose in it in special conditions. Like were on earth billions of years ago. In this organic matter sustaining life consciousness arose. And the issue of human’s invasion in god’s territory is meaningless, as h…

If You are Young

Where spring is pulsating
Amidst violent autumn and desolate winter
That is where you belong
If you are young!
Where future-symphony is playing
Where dreams are on a journey to discover
Where audacious projects of approaching is being forged
Where memories are fuel,
Filled in the heart of workman’s furnace
Where restless hot air is giving momentum to life
You have to be there
If you are young!
Where life is being uprooted
Where living words are being murdered
And where verdicts are passed on voices
For incarceration and solitude,
Where exiled flora
And black baking rocks are present
Therse you are being awaited
If you are young!
Where barricades of resolves are being raised
Where bunkers of knowledge are being dug
Where flags of challenges are being unfurled
There is where you have to be deployed
If you are young!
-Shashi Prakash