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Reservation : is there a third position possible

It is now and then that the politics of support and opposition uprises. Huge population of students and youth has been divided on this issue and it has created a rift and bitterness among best friends. In this scenario we would like to share some important things with the supporters and opponents of reservation. At first to the opponents of reservation you say that caste based reservation, in higher education especially in engineering, medical and scientific research will result in declining standards of services and will be like compromising with merit. If you are so concerned with merit and decline in standards of services why did not you raise your voice when NRI and management quota were fixed in private medical and engineering colleges. Did not you feel that there will be a decline in standard of services i…

Responsibility of a scientist

Every action has equal and opposite reaction. This is a basic law of natural science. This law holds its counterpart in the human society also: ‘oppression breeds resistance’. This is a basic law of social science. But the lives in the campus seem to defy this law!
Silence is reigning in the campuses for past two decades; there has been no student movement over real issues. What is the reason behind this exception? We must try to seek truth from the facts. Before we jump to any conclusion, let’s cast a glance upon the facts related to the higher education in our country.
In India only 7% of the eligible population reaches to higher education, for past two decades as per government’s policy, seats have continuously been decreased and fees have been increased. The deduction in seats is not absolute but is relative in comparison to the number of applicants. Government has itself accepted that traditional higher education (B.A., B.Sc. etc) has lost its ‘signaling effect’ or are no longer…